Project Kick-Start

The ball has dropped and the last of the confetti has fallen. It’s 2015, and with the New Year come new resolutions – the most common of these often focusing on health and fitness. And it comes as little surpriseNew Year's Resolution that most of these health and fitness resolutions are neglected or forgotten almost as soon as the confetti has been cleaned up.

We at Project Kick StART believe in the importance of staying fit and developing good health habits at an early age. We are not alone in this belief. According to a study of adults from the University of Michigan, the top two health concerns facing children are “Not Enough Exercise” and “Childhood Obesity.” In fact, over the last 30 years, the rate of childhood obesity has tripled – increasing the chance of Type 2 Diabetes and lowering the life expectancy rate.

The Journal of the American Medical Association recorded that in 2012, more than one-third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. It’s time we placed more importance on youth activities and nutritional education so that we can swing the pendulum for the better.

We understand maintaining our health and fitness goals this New Year is a tough task, but there is power in numbers! In an effort to kick-start your healthy goal for 2015 we have partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of America and the US Department of Health & Human Services. Together, we have developed the Project kick-stART Contest. Throughout the first few months of this year we will be collecting artwork that promotes a healthy lifestyle from children and teens under 18 years old. The Artwork will be judged based on creativity and the ability to inspire others. The winners will have their artwork displayed on our company website during the first week of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month in May. Submissions are due by Thursday, April 30th and can be dropped of at your local Boys & Girls Club or electronically through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using the #ProjectkickstART. truth is, only one in three children achieves the minimum amount of physical activity they need each day. Kick starting your New Years’s resolution by making physical activity a part of your life could be as easy as playing hide-and-seek or playing hopscotch. You may even get inspired to paint something on the sidewalk while the chalk is out and decide to submit the artwork.

We are looking forward to this year’s artwork and celebrating National Physical Fitness and Sports Month this May. After all, “There is no better time than now to start living healthy today.” – Michael Kenneth.

For more information on the Project Kick-StART or the National Physical Fitness and Sports Month visit your local Boys & Girls Club or visit


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